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Connect Mobile Devices

View live CCTV footage on your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows mobile phone!

In today’s CCTV society you can be sure that someone is always watching; with AVTech’s Eagle Eyes software, that someone can be you.

Forget having eyes in the back of your head; with this software you can have eyes anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for those who need mobile, round-the-clock surveillance.

With Eagle Eyes you can check up on your kids at home, watch your house whilst you’re on holiday, and keep an eye on your employees whilst you’re out of the office – regardless of where you go, you’ll have access to all your cameras at the press of a button.

Trade Buyers

If you are a regular buyer of CCTV equipment for trade purposes or you are a registered security installer you may be eligible to apply for a trade account with us.

CCTVdirect trade buyers receive special promotions and discounted pricing.

To receive the above benefits you must pass certain criteria to ensure eligibility.

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